Track Etched Membrane

it4ip develops, manufactures, and sells extremely high precision Track Etched Membranes made of PC, PET, and PI. These membranes can be used in the medical and biotechnology fields, in the development of next-generation batteries such as secondary batteries, in various filtration applications such as food and pharmaceuticals, and in the development of various nanotechnology materials. We can also provide ipCELLCULTURE for cell culture (substrate treatment and Transparent/Translucent for cell culture) and ipBLACK for microorganisms.

it4ip开发、制造和销售由PC、PET和PI制成的高精度轨道蚀刻膜。 这些膜可用于医疗和生物技术领域,用于二次电池等下一代电池的开发,用于食品和药品等各种过滤应用,以及各种纳米技术材料的开发。 我们还可以提供用于细胞培养的ipCELLCULTURE(基质处理和细胞培养的透明/透亮)和用于微生物的ipBLACK。

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Microbial collection using ipPORE on the membrane surface

ipPORE (0.4 μm) reliably collects B. subtilis on the membrane surface.
ipPORE(0.4 μm)可靠地收集膜表面的枯草芽孢杆菌

Compare the SEM pictures

Conventional nitrocellulose membranes (0.45 μm) have non-uniform pore size, allowing B. subtilis to penetrate deep into the membrane.

Reliable track-etched membrane with high-precision pore size. ipPORE, ipBLACK, ipCELLCULTURE

Track-etched membranes are very thin polymer films with pores dispersed over a smooth surface.
Track-etched membranes are available in hydrophilic and hydrophobic types, both of which have high chemical resistance. They can be used for substance separation, flow control, support and screening.
Track-etched membranes are used in various products and developments such as direct observation and rapid quantification of living cells or microorganisms, cell culture, cancer diagnosis, Diffusion Control in biosensors, particle capture testing, and development of next generation batteries.
In addition to the standard ipPORE, we also offer ipBLACK, a true black membrane for epifluorescence microscopy, and ipCELLCULTURE, which allows cell culture on a porous membrane (substrate treatment and transparent/translucent for cell culture).
轨迹蚀刻膜有亲水型和疏水型两种,都具有较高的耐化学性。 它们可用于物质分离、流量控制、支撑和筛选。


“New Idea" + "ipPORE™ Technology" = "New Product / New Application

Inquiry Please select from the following specifications and fill in the form to contact us.

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  1. Material: (PC, PET, PI)
  2. Format: (Disc size (13, 25, 47, 90, 142, 293mm), A4 size, Roll, Slit reel, Others)
  3. Surface characteristics (hydrophilic, hydrophobic, cell culture treatment)
  4. Pore size (select from 0.01um to 30um)
  5. Application (Please select from the following. (Please select more than one) )
  6. ・Blood filter
    ・Battery and capacitor development
    ・Cell culture insert self-production, manufacturing and development
    ・Development of POCT kit
    ・PAP testing
    ・Material and capture (from liquid and gas)
    ・Cell culture
    ・Sensor development
    ・Microbial testing
    ・Other (Please tell us as much as possible.)

  7. Important points in the filter (Please indicate the order of importance from the following. (1)...the most important item
  8. ・Ease of processing
    ・Flow velocity (AFR, WFR)
    ・Heat resistance
    ・Pore angle
    ・Pore size accuracy
    ・Chemical resistance
    ・Others (Please tell us as much as possible.)

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  1. 材料:(PC、PET、PI)
  2. 格式:(光盘尺寸(13、25、47、90、142、293mm)、A4尺寸、卷筒、分切卷、其他)
  3. 表面特征(亲水、疏水、细胞培养处理)
  4. 孔径(从0.01um到30um选择)
  5. 应用(请从以下内容中选择。 请选择一个以上)
  6. ・血液过滤器

  7. 过滤器中的重要点(请从以下几个方面注意重要性的顺序。 (1).最重要的项目。
  8. ・易于处理
    ・流速(AFR, WFR)


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