nBIONIX Hypoxic Cell Culture Kit

Tumor cell cultivation requires a hypoxic environment. Previously a special CO2 incubator and gas cylinder of carbon dioxide, nitrogen gas and mixed gas used to be necessary to create this environment. Despite initial costs and running cost being high for creating this environment with these instruments, it only reached a 0.5% hypoxic environment, most of the time it reached about 2% hypoxic environment that it was unable to maintain.

nBIONIX Hypoxic Cell Culture Kit enables a hypoxic cultivation in a simple, convenient, fast and inexpensive way. Utilizing《Gas barrier pouch bag》and《Gas concentration agent》provides the desired control of O2 concentration between 0.1-15% for optimal cell cultivation.


  1. Place《O2 meter》deep inside of the《Gas barrier pouch bag》and place the petri dish filled with culture medium right next to it.
  2. Open the aluminum bag and take out《Gas concentration agent》. Place it close to Line B. *Please refer to the picture below.
  3. Close Line B with《Clip》. O2 inside of the pouch will be absorbed in about 10 minutes and provides a hypoxic environment.
  4. Keep eyes on O2 meter. When it reaches its desired O2 concentration, exchange the air inside of the petri dish with the air inside of the pouch. Wait until O2 concentration lowered to a little less than the desired concentration, and clip on Line A and stop the O2 absorption.
  5. If the O2 concentration is much higher or lower than the desired concentration, it requires some adjustment process.
  6. Equipment except the《Gas concentration agent》can be reused. You can also save low initial and running costs.

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nBIONIX Hypoxic Cell Culture Kit Protocol


nBionix Kit and Kit contents

Catalog Number nB-1 nB-2 nB-3
Gas barrier pouch bag Small (W155 ×L330mm) 20pcs Medium (W220×L300mm) 20pcs Large (W250×L400mm) 20pcs
Gas concentration agent 20pcs 20pcs 20pcs
O2 meter 1 unit 1 unit 1 unit
Clip 3pcs 3pcs 3pcs


Product Name Qty
A-58 Small pouch bag (W155×L330mm) 40pcs
A-92 Medium (W220×L300mm) 30pcs
A-93 Large (W250×L400mm) 30pcs
A-07 Gas concentration agent 20pcs

Cited reference

Many papers have been published on cell ischemia experiments using “Anaeropac Kenki 5%”, the gas concentration regulator for cell hypoxia experiments used in BIONIX.
You can find many citation using the keywords “nbionix” and “hypoxia”.


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