InteractiveCo-Culture Plate(ICCP)

This is NEW Co-Culture Vessel Technology

The old style attempt at culturing cells used a vessel with the insert submerged in the culture well.

This old style technology was developed over 30 years and did not work ideally:

  1. Researchers cannot observe with a microscope both cell lines (the cells growing on the insert are obscured by the cells growing on the culture well)
  2. The cells can not be cultured the same material surface for both the insert and the culture well.

We have invented the ideal co-culture vessel technology to solve these problems!
The Interactive Co-Culture Plate (ICCP) is connected side-by-side: sharing the growth media, sharing secretion factors and both cultures are clearly visible with a microscope.

Important Features (of the Interactive Co-Culture Plate):

-Researchers can easily observe cells growing in BOTH the chambers A and B at the same time.

-The same growth surface materials are used on the bottom of both chambers A and B.

-It’s simple to culture the cells in well A and well B separately (for negative controls).

-Researcher can use any filter pore size (to share specific transcripts or secretion factors).

-Prevents cross-contamination between cell lines (only growth media & secretion factors are shared).

-Sterilized and Disposable and Hydrophilized for ideal cell culture conditions.

-Made in Japan Quality (Interactive Co-Culture Plate Catalog No. 2501-AB01).

Oncology Example:

Analyze the interaction of secretion factors between cancer tumor cells and normal cells or iPS (induced pluripotent stem cells)

Which drugs or transcripts added to the media STOP the normal cells from metastasizing?

Critical Use Applications:

Easy Docking:

Example Interaction Experiments:

Ordering information

Interactive Co-Culture Plate

ICCP Filter 0.6

Pore Size 0.6um
  • Catalog No. 2525-01
  • Specification: 13mm Polycarbonate 0.6um pore size filter*
  • Non-Sterilized
  • Contents: 100 filter disks per box
  • Catalog No. 2525-06
  • Specification: 13mm Polycarbonate 0.6um pore size filter*
  • Non-Sterilized(γbeamed)
  • Contents: 50 filter disks per box
Pore Size 0.03um Coming soon


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InteractiveCo-Culture Plate(ICCP)


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